Park University Peace Corps Prep

Undergraduates, are you thinking about Peace Corps service after graduation? Why not think about it together with other Park students, and with area Peace Corps Volunteers, who can share with you their stories and their thoughts about the challenges, benefits, and lifelong impact of Peace Corp service?

Through participation in the Park University Peace Corps Prep Program you will not only acquire skills, experience, and academic training that will strengthen a Peace Corps application; you will also clarify your ideas about where and how you would like to serve.

The objective of the Park University Peace Corps Prep Program curriculum is to complement your major course of study with work inside and outside of the classroom that will make you a competitive applicant for the Peace Corps, and a successful volunteer in the field.

Park University Peace Corps Prep Program is designed for students interested in post-graduate service with the Peace Corps or other international service organization.  Over the two years of the program, students will complete curricular, co-curricular, and international activities that will enhance their skills and knowledge and clarify their commitment to international service.

If you are thinking about a career in the Peace Corps, international development, or international relations, then this is for you! This new partnership between the Peace Corps and Park University combines coursework and experiential learning to make you an ideal candidate for the Peace Corps. The Park University Peace Corps Prep Program also prepares you for work or graduate school in international fields. Learn more at the next open meeting. Contact Don Wise for more information